About Me

I grew up in Silicon Valley and have spent my entire career in tech. Despite these facts, I’m a humanist by nature and a marketer by vocation. My interest in tech has long been anthropological: why we do things the way we do them; what makes one approach catch on and stick while other, sometimes better ones never do; why one particular innovation sometimes sets off a cascade of others.

This blog is a space for my personal thoughts on the state of industry, its impact on our lives and other quasi-related topics. They may or may not have any relationship with whatever my current employer’s current strategy is; I’m woefully independent-minded. I do blog corporately as well.

My other passions include food, opera, languages, history and travel, and I’ll undoubtedly make references to all of them, as well as my student stints in France and China.

You can find me on Twitter @RealLisaC and on LinkedIn.

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