Languid Conversations Among the Enlightened

I’ve come to the conclusion that IT people are always endangered. Their demise is perennially imminent, and it’s always because they’re simply too stuck in their ways, and too stupid and/or lazy to let go of the tried and true, and embrace the virtues of cross-disciplinary collaboration and training.

Here’s an example the relatively traditional version, in which a vendor tells its own core audience that they’re doomed if they don’t buy the latest thing from said vendor. In fact, we’ve got two FUD vectors conflated in this particular sample:

1)      Automation is going to take away your job (even though “our customers are telling us they need automation”).

2)      SDN is going to eliminate everything about how networks are currently operated and force anyone who wants to touch a network to become a programmer.

There’s a particularly tedious corollary to the threat of new technologies, one which comes up in virtually every discussion about emerging technologies.

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